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Searching for the Salmon

and I shall go in the Lady's name / all to fetch thee home again

13 December 1972
In my day job I'm a small animal vet, but I did a veterinary pathology resident and am/was ABD in a PhD program in virology. In other venues I'm an artist, witch, and naturalist. I do my best to be a healer.

The trick is to find a way to integrate science and faerie, without losing the wonder and beauty of either one. I want to know how things work- what the cells are doing in health and disease, and why. By 'why', I mean the adaptive, evolutionary history as well as the proximal signals and responses. And where I fit into all of it. I completed a MS in arachnology before vet school (thesis on the evolution and adhesive mechanism of cribellate spider capture thread). Invertebrates (especially spiders; I am arachnophobic and phobophilic) fascinate me; their strategies for dealing with living are so different from ours, which makes them fantastic teachers of evolution- they are our outgroup, and we are theirs. Before that, I was an art student (as well as biology), and I still throw on the wheel when I can get studio space. I have plans, so far unfulfilled, to do some paintings based on photomicrographs and inspired by Georgia O'Keefe's flowers (nobody really *looks* at a cell...) but we'll see.

These things sustain me: running water, dancing flames, true lovers, untamed places, live growing things, new discoveries, faithful beasts, wild animals, uncovering secrets, relieving suffering beasts, finding answers, making things, good friends, tastiness, winds, starlight, sunlight and moonlight.

I also use this as a dream journal, and have the dreams filtered. I have a seldom-used 'relationship stuff' filter as well. I'm not expecting folk to be particularly interested in that stuff, but if you are, say so and I'll probably add you.