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ACVP and Ames, Iowa

So...I've been absent, I know. The last few months I've been studying to take that last damned section of that last damned exam. Only this time, I took time off work (well, worked part time), to study. And now I'm on my way back to Seattle from Ames. I was pretty sure the email was already in my inbox, so I was deliberately not looking until I was home, but facebook is safe, right? Well...

My sponsor was not avoiding her email, and my scores get sent to her, too.
She had already posted congratulations on my wall.

I passed.

I keep looking at the email again to make sure it's real. I won't know by how much, because it doesn't matter and they don't tell you a numeric score if you pass. This means I'm now a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Pathology (Anatomic pathology). Clinical pathology is a whole other exam that I won't be taking thankyouverymuch. I think I'm done with exams. For ever.
And posting from an airplane, and somewhat giddy, and exhausted. Next step, see if anyone in Seattle is currently hiring pathologists, because I think I actually don't want the BSL-4 primate pathology job in Galveston, as much as it would be awesome to live near my dad. I read the Hot Zone. Also I'm staying in Seattle. Maybe Phoenix or Idexx?

dream with critters

I had another of those buzzy-brain dreams, where I wake still half in dreamland (and had to take the eyas to school, and was late leaving, I hate daylight savings time so much).

Anyway. Walking in a nighttime courtyard of lawn, young trees, bushes, and sidewalks surrounded by buildings. Dormitories, or apartments, maybe. I can hear owls hooting, and one of them sounds like it's coming from *inside my jacket*. What the heck? So I open my jacket and nestled against my chest is a tiny, pinfeathered owlet. I didn't put it there, and it's too little to fly, it must have fallen in from a nest somewhere, but now I have no idea where it's proper nest is, so I zip it up safe.

A boy is playing with a mouse. I think it was my mouse, but he gave me a one-eyed old bearded dragon which he says is worth 100 in pirate money. I don't think the mouse is doing so well, so I talk him into letting me have it back. It's practically comatose, dying, I think. He was to young to have such a little critter and he's been to rough, stressed it too much, and I'm sad about it.

The owlet is still in my jacket, though, I check on it, and it's ok, though I'll have to find a proper nest for it, and food, soon.

Oct. 25th, 2012

So I've been slow to post. I got my scores back. I didn't pass. I was *close* though, and I think I'm going to try again; I only get one more attempt (before I'd have to submit a study plan to the exam board and take all 4 sections over, and that shit is not happening).

In other news, has anyone else noticed an inordinate quantity of spam comments on their journal lately?


Pre-dawn early I jump on a plane for Ames, IA, and take the vet path section of the path board exam. Paws crossed...I'm better prepared for it than last time, but not as well prepared as I'd like. Having moments of panic, and I'm really not a test-anxiety prone sort in general. Either way, it'll be over soon and I get to have my life back. Which also means more presence on lj, soon.
People do things that make sense to them. If you want somebody to stop being a jerk, they probably won't if you just tell them to stop being a jerk. You need first to figure out what paradigm they're working from, dissect it, and then reconstruct it so that being a jerk no longer makes sense.
From something I read, and have been contemplating.

The Seal skin, the Story, and the Sky

Just ran across the lyrics to this song, and I dearly would like to hear it sung. I'll probably cry; it's all true. I've been that selkie, more than once. I'm not going to say it's just as hard to be on the leaving side, I've been on both, and while neither is easy...well I at least have the ocean/river calling me when I go, and not just an empty place.

The Seal skin, the Story, and the Sky.Collapse )


This article describes finding little brown bats in areas where we thought they'd all (or pretty much all) died out. The assumption is that these may represent populations of resistant bats, which would be great news, especially if there's enough of them to effectively repopulate (though bats don't reproduce all that fast; being a flighted mammal means you can't carry a giant litter of pups).

What we know about this thing so far, is that it does seem to be caused by a fungus, Geomyces destructans, and that was probably imported from Europe. Likely by human cavers. European bats are resistant; it's there, but they don't become ill from it. Not unlike chestnut blight, really, which was also imported, devistated the American chestnut, and does not affect old world varieties. There's a theme here. It would be easy to say that we need better biosecurity and we need to stop transporting pathogens around the globe because the outcome is so often bad, but it's much more difficult to actually accomplish this. We do reasonably well when we have a known pathogen, with a reliable test. We have managed to control a decent number of livestock diseases (foot and mouth, african swine fever, rabies in nonendemic areas), through quarantine, vacciene protocols and screening, but unknown pathogens are anouther story entirely, especially when they can be spread by fomites. Do we put shoe baths in airports? Radiosterilize baggage? Realistically, this is going to keep happening until we've mixed up the microbes, flora and fauna of the globe to the point where everything we can't spot and exclude is already everywhere. My hope for the bats is only that in the long term they manage to adapt, and we have a local resistant population, because the fungus is here to stay. And that we don't lose too much diversity in that process. Because I'm an optimist, and I can't imagine a world without bats.

Lost Dr Who episodes recovered from space?

Really? I have no idea whether this is real, credible, or even possible, but I have *hope*.
W dohat you think, lj? I'm at work, reading stuff surreptitiously from my phone, and so not in a position to fact-check.

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Got to work this morning, and was just getting surgeries checked in and calculating drug doses, when I got an email alert about a shooting on VT campus. Several hours later, I find out that an officer was killed, and then the shooter is presumed to have shot himself. No explanation. This sucks. It could never be a good thing, but with the recent history at VT, the awful is magnified, and still-raw wounds are re-opened. WTF, Blacksburg? Why does this small, sleepy college town seem to be such a lightning rod for tragedy?

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It is possible that Peregrine will no longer allow me add Satan's Blood to the guacamole without direct supervision in the future. It makes my mouth burn, but it is so tasty I can't stop eating it.

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